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Melbourne Street Tours

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Melbourne Street Tours is a street art tour company based in Melbourne, Australia. It is the first and only tour of its kind in the country and is run by street artists. The company needed a website to capture their story and attract customers interested in street art.

I was approached as a website designer and developer to help create a website for Melbourne Street Tours. I worked closely with the company to understand their unique offering and target audience. I then designed and developed a website that effectively communicated their story and services.

The website included custom illustrations and content writing that helped to convey the company's story and the experience of taking a tour with street artists. It also included a conversion strategy that aimed to encourage visitors to book a tour. As a result of the new website, Melbourne Street Tours was able to establish a strong online presence and attract more customers interested in street art. The website played a crucial role in building the company's reputation and credibility in the market as well as promoting Melbourne's vibrant street art scene.

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