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The only real address is www

Published in InternetNovember 02, 20221 min read

Just as smartphones have taken the place of landline phones, connecting all the trading places in the world with heavy and long cables, so Internet addresses displace geographical ones. Stationary means not developing today.

Now your real address is not some place on the sand where you keep things, but words typed into your web browser. That’s where you really are, everywhere and for everyone. And in the so-called headquarters you can eat yourself a pizza. All the time sitting in front of the monitor. You can order pizza online.

When Joshua Quittner wrote to McDonald’s in 1994, would they want to take over the domain, they replied,

“No, why?“?

Mobility disconnected from phones and computers; mobile is everything, because everything can be delivered anywhere. The space dimension has been removed from the discussion; because the blog does not need to go to the kiosk. Only time and price remained. 2D. The last people who saw landline addresses in action were us.

Humanity has been freed from another faith. This time into the physicality of the world; because it is not physical if we can see everything and buy it everywhere.




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